Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development (RAPID)

The RAPID Programme and the Community Facilities Scheme have now amalgamated to become the Community Enhancement Progamme (CEP).

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Projects funded under the RAPID programme in 2017 are available here.

About the RAPID Programme

In 2017 the recast RAPID Programme provided support to groups tackling social exclusion and improving quality of life in disadvantaged urban areas and provincial towns across the country.

The 2017 RAPID Programme had a national allocation of €2m for 2017.

Some examples of projects, or parts of projects, which were eligible for this capital funding include:

  • CCTV
  • Community gardens
  • Public realm improvements
  • Streetscaping
  • Youth facilities and play/recreation spaces
  • Energy efficiency type projects
  • Projects in support of the Creative Ireland policy objective

The Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and Municipal District (where in place) in each Local Authority administered the Programme on behalf of the Department.

How to apply

This programme is now closed to applications. Following a review in 2018 this scheme and the Communities Facilities Scheme were amalgamated to the Community Enhancement Programme. The Community Enhancement Programme is open to applications to the end of July. Please contact your Local Community Development Committee for details.