The Department supports volunteer centres in 21 counties as well as a number of national organisations such as Volunteer Ireland and Young Social Innovators. The funding of these organisations is designed to strengthen and foster volunteerism in Ireland, building a support structure that would develop volunteering locally from the bottom up.

The organisations in each county play a central role in facilitating and supporting the development of volunteering in their areas. In addition funding to support a number of Volunteer Information Services (VISs) is allocated through Volunteer Ireland to allow for the promotion of volunteering in counties which do not have a fulltime Volunteer Centre.

The Department is currently in the process of developing a national strategy on volunteering, in consultation with all stakeholders. It is intended that this work will build on and update the Government’s ‘White Paper on a Framework for Supporting Voluntary Activity and for Developing the Relationship between the State and the Community and Voluntary sector’ (2000) and the subsequent ‘Tipping the Balance’ (2002) report by the National Committee for Volunteering.

You can read these documents here:

White Paper on a Framework for Supporting Voluntary Activity

Tipping the Balance

The Department has now published a Call for input for a Volunteering Strategy.

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