PPN Advisory Group


The Working Group on Citizen Engagement with Local Government set up in September 2013 made recommendations on more extensive and diverse input by citizens into the decision-making processes at local government level. From these recommendations, the concept of the PPN – Public Participation Network was established.

The Working Group Report recommended that the work of the PPN should be monitored and evaluated regularly in line with best practice. The focus of this monitoring and evaluation was designed to be an assessment of whether or not PPNs are achieving their overall purpose of facilitating engagement with the local authority and whether the structures, systems and processes are supporting the achievement of that purpose. An Advisory Group, appointed by the Minister and representative of all stakeholders, was considered to be the preferable option in this regard.

Purpose and Objectives

In addition to its overall role, the Advisory Group is also charged with advising and supporting the Department in the development of PPNs and as part of its remit will –

  1. Develop key performance indicators for PPNs and Local Authorities in conjunction with the Department.
  2. Support consistency and coherent roll out of PPNs in line with national guidelines.
  3. Analyse and discuss local progress and liaise with the Department on addressing priority issues identified.
  4. Monitor progress on the development and implementation of PPNs across the country to ensure consistency of implementation across local authority areas.
  5. Where inconsistencies are identified, make proposals on how these issues can be resolved.


Membership of the Advisory Group includes one representative each from the Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary sectors, three PPN Volunteers (one each from the respective sectors), three PPN Resource workers and two Local Authority staff (at least one at Director of Service level and one directly supporting a PPN). The Group is chaired by the Department’s representative with secretarial support also provided by the Department.

Membership of the current National PPP Advisory group can be viewed here. 


  1. The National Advisory Group meets at least four times in a full year, typically once a quarter.
  2. Agenda and minutes are circulated to members within two weeks of a meeting.
  3. Additional meetings can be organised if required.
  4. Relevant community organisations and other stakeholders may be invited to attend at meetings of the Group; such attendance will be to provide information to the Group and for no other purpose.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Advisory Group’s meetings are available to view by following the links below.

First Advisory Group:

Meeting 1 13 May 2016

Meeting 2 10 October 2016

Meeting 3 1 February 2017

Meeting 4 5 April 2017

Meeting 5 7 June 2017

Meeting 6 7 September 2017

Second Advisory Group:

Meeting 1 11 October 2017