Online Services

Internet Access

All public libraries services now have computers which the public can use to access the internet.  To book a session contact your local branch library. Many libraries offer introductory sessions for new users.

Online Resources

Electronic materials are a growing resource within the public library service. Specially designed websites, such as askaboutireland (link is external), provide access to digitised content from public libraries, including Griffith’s Valuation, unique historical film, out of print resources and digital books. The Public Library Information Service offers a selection of online business and general reference sources and encyclopaedia available free of charge to the general public through public libraries.  The service includes access to Lexis Nexis (link is external)– an aggregate content source provider of news, information and company information from all over the world which also provides access to national and local Irish and international titles, including newspapers, journals and periodicals.  The service also includes access to (link is external)the fully searchable online source of  company information and business names for all businesses within Ireland.

Online Library Catalogues

Individual library catalogues can be searched online by author, title or keyword. The system is accessed using library borrower number and a personal identification number (PIN). In addition it is possible online to renew loans and check borrower information such as loans and reservations. In addition it is possible to renew borrowed material and check borrower information, such as loans and reservations, online.

Borrow Books Online – Inter-Library Loan Service

The (link is external)service allows library members to search for an item of their choice across across all of the online catalogues of the public library authorities simultaneously. Once the item is located, the user can request the delivery of the item, via their local library service to their local branch. Contact your local library or visit the borrow books website (link is external)for more information on this service.