Communities Facilities Scheme

About the Communities Facilities Scheme (CFS)

Under the 2017 Communities Facilities Scheme, Community groups in disadvantaged urban and rural areas could apply for funding for relevant projects:

  • The Scheme has a national allocation of €2m  for 2017, up to €1,000 per project. The allocation for 2018 is also €2m.
  • It provides small-scale grants for community groups all across Ireland
  • It operates alongside other schemes and programmes already in place in communities, but groups can only use this funding for capital projects, or part of a capital project

Examples of projects, or parts of projects, that are eligible for this capital funding included:

  • Office equipment
  • Project resources
  • Research facilities
  • Energy efficiency equipment

The Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and Municipal District in each Local Authority administer the Scheme on behalf of the Department.

Some rules for the 2017 Communities Facilities Scheme are outlined below:

  1. The Communities Facilities Scheme funding was only for capital projects, or capital parts of projects
  2. In cases where both current and capital works were carried out together, only the capital part could get funding from this Scheme
  3. Groups were required to apply for funding to the Local Authority in which they are based, using the application form provided at the link below
  4. Match-funding from other sources was not required in order to be approved for a grant
  5. The Scheme offered grants up to a maximum of €1,000  per project.

See the 2017 Communities Facilities Scheme Application Guidelines for further details.

How to apply

This 2017 scheme is currently closed to applications. Details for 2018 will be posted on this website in due course.