2019 CLÁR Programme to contain new measures which will greatly benefit rural communities – Minister Ring

Michael Ring TD, The Minister for Rural and Community Development, today (Thursday, 28 February) announced details of the CLÁR programme for 2019 which includes new measures to support rural communities. CLÁR provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered significant levels of population decline. The programme is part of the Government’s Project Ireland 2040 Rural Regeneration Programme… Continue reading. 

Minister Ring approves €1.4 million to transport people in rural Ireland to medical services

Minister Michael Ring TD meeting with Irene McLoughlin, Glenisland; Martin Healy, VTC Castlebar, Western Care and Joan Carden, Reeling Street, Ballina on a visit to Western Care headquarters, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Photo : Keith Heneghan.

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, today, announced details of 27 applicants who will receive funding for Mobility and Cancer Care transport under his Department’s 2018 CLÁR programme… Continue reading.

Minister Ring announces new €1.5M measure to support rural voluntary groups which transport people for medical services

Fund will benefit people accessing cancer treatment and those with significant mobility issues 

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring T.D., today (Friday) announced details of the Mobility and Cancer Care Transport Measure, which is part of his Department’s CLÁR Programme… Continue reading.