Access to Information on the Environment


The European Communities (AIE) Regulations 2007 grants legal rights to those seeking access to information on the environment from public authorities.

It states that information relating to the environment which is either held by, or for, a public authority must be made available on request to any person, subject to certain exceptions.

How to make an AIE request

To make an AIE request, applicants must submit a written request to or by post to:

The Freedom of Information Unit,
Department of Rural and Community Development,
Trinity Point,
10-11 Leinster Street South,
Dublin 2
D02 EF85

Tel 076  100 6898

All requests should include the following pieces of information:

  1. A statement noting that the application is being made under AIE Regulations.
  2. The applicants contact information.
  3. A detailed description of the environmental information being sought.
  4. The preferred format in which you would like to receive the information.

If the Department of Rural and Community Development does not have access to the requested information, they may either forward the application onto the relevant public authority or advise the applicant of where to direct their request. In either occurrence the applicant will be notified.

Can I appeal an AIE decision?

Under Article 11 of AIE Regulations, you have the right to appeal an AIE decision and request an internal review. However, requests for an internal review must be submitted within one month of the initial decision – the public authority may extend this timeframe, but they are not obliged to do so. You may also exercise the right for an internal review if you have failed to receive a response within an appropriate timeframe.

Internal reviews are undertaken by a member of staff of the public authority. They can decide whether to affirm, vary or annul the original decision. Once the internal review has been completed you will receive written confirmation, which will inform you of the decision, the reasoning behind the decision while also advising you of your right to appeal to the Commissioner for Environmental Information. This confirmation will be issued to you within one month of the date of receipt of your request for internal review.

Who can I contact if I have a query relating to an AIE request?

All queries should be directed to