Establishment of Taskforce

Establishment of Taskforce

Taskforce Terms of Reference

The Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce was established in July 2016. The Terms of Reference and Minutes from the meetings are available below:

Terms of Reference

Meeting 1 – 27/07/2016

Meeting 2 – 09/09/2016

Meeting 3 – 07/10/2016

Meeting 4 – 11/11/2016

Meeting 5 – 07/12/2016

Stakeholder Consultation 

In compiling the report of the Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce Report, the Taskforce engaged proactively with the telecoms industry and key stakeholders in order to address barriers to telecoms deployment and to identify solutions that will help accelerate developments and improve access to services for consumers.

Telecommunications companies were invited to make written submissions on how best we can move towards alleviating telecommunications service deficits across the country.

The following submissions were received from the following telecommunication companies and informed the final report