The main goal of the Department’s Regional and Rural Division is to promote and facilitate long-term sustainable economic and social progress across rural Ireland. To that end, the Department will work with stakeholders in the coming period to develop a Strategy which will include a Rural Action Plan to advance economic and social progress in rural Ireland. Other key actions include the implementation of the LEADER elements of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and the delivery of a range of other schemes, including a Rural Recreation Scheme, the Rural Walks Scheme, a Town and Village Enhancement scheme and the CLÁR Programme. Preparing for the timely roll-out of broadband is also a key priority.

Tidy Towns

The Tidy Towns competition is run by the Department of Rural and Community Development.  The competition is sponsored by SuperValu.

Town and Village Renewal Scheme

The central aim of the scheme is to support the revitalisation of towns and villages in order to improve the living and working environment of their communities.