Seniors Alert Scheme applicants should only deal with alarm contractors approved by Pobal – Minister Ring

Published 8 November 2017

Anyone who is in doubt as to a contractor’s status should contact Pobal

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Mr. Michael Ring TD, today highlighted the fact that to avail of the new Seniors Alert Scheme, applicants should only deal with alarm contractors approved by Pobal. Minister Ring was speaking at the launch of the Government’s “Be Winter Ready” Campaign. The Seniors Alert Scheme is administered by Pobal, on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Minister Ring said: “The purpose of the Seniors Alert Scheme is to enable older persons to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind by providing them with a free personal monitored alarm.

“Only contractors that have been approved by Pobal are permitted, under the scheme, to install alarms in peoples’ homes. I would urge anyone who is in any doubt as to a contractor’s status to contact Pobal directly at or by phone at (01) 5117222.

“I also want to re-affirm that there are no installation costs associated with the scheme.

“The new scheme includes a number of new features. From this year on, applicants no longer have to be living alone in order to qualify for the scheme.  Another important change is the introduction of free monitoring of the alarm for the first year, after which the person pays a small fee.”