Minister Ring approves €21.6 million to help revitalise over 280 towns and villages across rural Ireland

Published 4 October 2017

Funding more than double last year’s Town and Village Renewal Scheme allocation

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, today announced that 281 rural towns and villages across the country are set to benefit from over €21 million in funding under the 2017 Town and Village Renewal Scheme.  The scheme is a key part of the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development.

The 2017 Town and Village Renewal Scheme, which was launched in April this year, focuses on projects which can help to enhance and develop rural towns and villages, with a particular emphasis on stimulating economic development. Funding awarded to individual towns and villages this year generally range from €20,000 to €100,000, with 50 projects receiving between €100,000 and €200,000 for more ambitious proposals.

Minister Ring made the announcement in Granard, Co. Longford at the newly refurbished Butter Market which received funding under the 2016 Town and Village Renewal Scheme having been derelict for decades.

Minister Ring said: “The Town and Village Renewal Scheme is an important part of my Department’s work to rejuvenate and revitalise rural Ireland and should have a significant impact on towns and villages across the country.

“Following on from the success of the 2016 scheme, I am delighted to be able to allocate €21.6 million for projects in 281 towns and villages right across rural Ireland. This allocation more than doubles the €10 million allocated to the Town and Village Renewal Scheme last year. This is a clear indication of the Government’s commitment to making rural Ireland a more vibrant and sustainable place to live. This funding will be put to good use over the coming twelve months for the benefit of the people who live in rural Ireland.

“I have placed a particular emphasis this year on projects which have the capacity to support the economic development of rural town and villages as well as their neighbouring townlands. The scheme will also support improvements to public amenities in town and village centres, to help make them more attractive places in which to live and work and to visit.

“I am delighted with the response which I received to the call for proposals this year.  Amongst the successful projects which I am announcing are many fine examples of initiatives which will support enterprise and job creation.  I want to thank the Local Authorities for their efforts and co-operation in engaging with local and business communities to identify these projects. Most of the funding will benefit towns and villages, with populations of less than 5,000 people.”

The allocation of €21 million by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Town and Village Renewal scheme follows the roll out earlier this year of a range of other initiatives to support rural Ireland, including the CLÁR scheme, the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure scheme and the Local Improvement Scheme.



Notes for Editors

The Town and Village Renewal scheme is an initiative under the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development, Realising our Rural Potential, and is part of a suite of national and local support measures to rejuvenate rural towns and villages throughout Ireland. It is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and is administered by the Local Authorities.

The delivery of an enhanced Town and Village Scheme was a commitment in the Programme for A Partnership Government and the Action Plan for Rural Development. Under the 2017 scheme, up to 80% of the total cost for each approved project will be provided by the Department, with the remaining 20% being provided either through community contribution and/or the Local Authority.

Under the 2017 scheme a wide variety of projects have been approved.  These projects have been identified by local community groups and businesses, in conjunction with their Local Authorities.  Projects approved range from employment initiatives to tourism amenities, and other measures aimed to help make small towns and villages a more attractive and more sustainable places in which to live and work.

 A full list of recipients is available on here.