Minister of State Kyne publishes a National Average of Local Digital Readiness

Published 19 September 2018

Minister Welcomes Local Authority Release of Local Digital Readiness Assessments

The Minister of State at the Department of Rural and Community Development, Seán Kyne TD, today published a summary of local digital readiness assessments as part of a drive to develop local digital strategies for each local authority area.

The national average of local digital readiness provides a summary of progress achieved to date and clusters local authorities into peer groups to reflect the various stages of digital development that exist amongst local authorities.

Indecon Global Economic Consultants, on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development, prepared a local digital readiness assessment for each local authority in order to provide, for the first time, a clear picture of the relative digital maturity of each local authority area. Amongst the themes examined were levels of digital literacy, training, qualifications and use; availability and use of online local government resources; and rates of ecommerce and innovation.

Speaking today, Minister of State Kyne said: “The importance of the local Digital Readiness Assessments cannot be overstated. Local authorities have engaged in a rigorous research project that clearly demonstrates the state of play in each local authority area.

“This research provides local authorities with an understanding of the general level of ICT competence and use in their area, it also describes digital services and levels of ecommerce. Armed with this information, local authorities will draft their digital strategies, leading to more efficient and more effective deployment of resources and quality-of-life improvements for citizens.

“I would like to congratulate all of the local authorities on the success of this research project and I look forward to seeing the results reflected in their local digital strategies.”

The Digital Readiness Assessments are built upon a seven-pillar digital framework and provide a valuable insight for local authorities in preparing their forthcoming local digital strategies. From today, local authorities will then be in a position to publish their local digital readiness assessment.


Notes to Editor:

Local Digital Assessments are structured around seven pillars of digital maturity:

  • Digital Skills
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Economy & Employment
  • Digital Services
  • Community & Culture
  • Digital Transition

Local authority areas were rated against each of the seven pillars as:

Level 1 – Formative
Level 2 – Emerging
Level 3 – Developed
Level 4 – Highly Developed
Level 5 – Transformational

Nationally, Ireland was typically classed as ‘emerging’ or ‘developed’

A copy of the summary national average of local digital readiness is available here.

A copy of the full national average of local digital readiness assessment is available here.