€150,000 to construct cheese dairy at Bó Rua Farm near Fermoy will support rural jobs – Minister Ring

Published 23 November 2017

LEADER Project funding approvals increasing as we approach the end of the year

Michael Ring TD, the Minister for Rural and Community Development, has allocated €150,000 in funding to Bó Rua Farm in Ballynoe under the LEADER programme to fund the construction of a farmhouse cheese dairy. This contribution is roughly half of the overall project cost of €300,000.

“I am allocating this funding to Bó Rua Farm because we need to invest in rural enterprises which have the capacity to create jobs and support the local economy. The money will go towards the development of a specialised cheese dairy and the purchase of equipment by Nora and Tom Dineen at Bó Rua Farm. This project will deliver an innovative new rural business which has the potential to create jobs.

“The funding I am announcing today will enable the Dinneen family to scale up and commercialise their farmhouse cheese utilising their Montbeliarde cows whose milk is used in traditional French cheese production. With the construction of the specialised cheese dairy, a range of premium handmade farmhouse cheeses will be produced from their dairy herds’ exceptional milk while also using the highest standard of cheese production.

“I believe that we need to invest in and support our rural areas. I have no doubt that this project when complete will have significant impact on Bó Rua Farm and on Ballynoe. As Minister for Rural and Community Development, I have responsibility for allocating funds to Local Action Groups (LAGs) such as the North Cork LAG which has selected this specific project.

“I am determined to ensure that rural communities benefit from support and investment through LEADER or any other programme under my Department. I expect that the number of LEADER project funding approvals around the country will continue to increase significantly as we approach the end of the year.

“I wish the Dinneen family well in this really exciting business venture and I look forward to seeing this business and the community of Ballynoe enjoy the full benefit of this investment. I’m delighted to provide the funding from my Department which will get it over the line.”